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Hey guys Welcome to community for extreme gamers we look forward to having you in our community and seeing you in game nights. we have a couple rules but there are not that many because we are a laid back community.
one: no racism,sexism, and anything that will offend people in the community.
two: you must be 15 years and older to join.
three: in game nights be respectful and listen because the host of the game will kick you if you are not being respectful.
four: go in the Chain of command not just jump straight to the top. 

Five: There is no multi claning if you are multi claning you will be kicked out
CXG2  Recruit
CXG3  Private
CXG4  Sargent
CXG5  Master Sargent
CXG6  leiutenant
CXG7  commander
CXG8  major
CXG9 general
but thank you for reading everything and welcome to community for extreme gamers

*~Always remember to have fun*~
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